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#2035118 - 11/05/18 07:54 AM Possible Coaches
moose1 Offline
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As much as I would love to see Les Miles take the job, I don't see it happening. Also Seth Littrell would be a good hire, but I have a feeling he won't want to get involved with KU. Dave Doeren is not going to leave NCST. He has a good thing going there. Out of the ones I have heard I think Leavitt, Tedford and Fritz would be real possibilities. Jim Mora Jr who was brought up on this board could be a possibility as well although he hasn't been mentioned by anyone not on this board.

#2035127 - 11/05/18 09:47 AM Re: Possible Coaches [Re: moose1]
beenahawk Offline
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I'm sure as hell not going to hold my breathe that Long will make a stellar hire. KU NEVER has done that in the past, why in the world would they start now? At best we might get another Fam, Mason or Mangino. Anyone even remotely thinking that the next hire will compete for Big XII titles is smoking the magic weed. Long already knows that all he needs to do is hire someone who can consistently go .500. Do that and the stadium is full, and it was an empty stadium which ultimately cost Beaty his job.

#2035129 - 11/05/18 09:56 AM Re: Possible Coaches [Re: moose1]
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I agree with idea that almost anybody would be a breathtaking improvement. The tiny remaining optimist in me wants to join the club who thinks there’s something giddy waiting for us in Long’s statement yesterday about the criterion of hiring only a proven head coach. Long must have something brewing! The deal is done, just dotting T’s and crossing I’s! — Well, that is KU football.

We all know it’s not true.

I’ve noted posts from fans who think Miles would be a suboptimal hire because he’s old and didn’t have a proven offensive philosophy at his previous gigs and I just shake my head. We are pond scum — but at least we have Potter’s Lake to live in.