A CMU fan (credit: nashchip) posted this on Phog, and it seemed like a fair assessment.

Here's what to know about CMU:

CMU's defense played GREAT outside of two plays. Both plays led to short pass/long YAC TDs for RI. A sloppy fumble by QB Shane Morris at CMU's 10 yard line gave RI a short field for their last TD. I believe if CMU played RI 10 times they'd win all ten.

That said this CMU team has major issues at QB and OLine. 4 of 5 OLine starters are seniors yet they are not very good. Keep in mind this same OLine was still good enough to win in Stillwater (a game where CMU clearly outplayed Gundy's boys). They are very inconsistent. The UM transfer QB, Morris has a gun but has a slow release, lacks touch, and is inaccurate. Most CMU fans want 6'7' RS Freshman Tony Poljan to start and play the most. He is inexperienced but is the future. A JC transfer QB named Lazzaro has been at CMU for a year and may have the best skill set for this offense. I would not be surprised to see him get some snaps as it is rumored Poljan may have a minor injury.

CMU has switched back to a spread offense after being Dan Enos (now OC at Arkansas) pro style the last 6 years. The current OC, Chris Ostrowsky, and a spread guru, got a late start after being fired as head coach at Northern Michigan (D2 GLIAC). The late start was due to past CMU OC (never coached a game at OC) Gino Guidugli leaving for Univ of Cincinnati fairly late in the off-season. Another offensive assistant with spread experience at WKU was hired from Tennessee but left for Indiana also late in the offseason. This kind of coach shuffling happens to MAC teams with low budgets. CMU is really struggling to execute the new spread offense effectively.

CMU has 4 very good running backs that just need some decent blocking to flourish. CMU also lost arguably its best player, TE Tyler Conklin (two TD catches against Okie St last year) to a foot injury very late in fall camp. CMU has some good receivers but all are adjusting to the new offense and the crappy QB play is not helping the execution.

CMU's defense is solid, 7 Coleman, 14 Cox are ALL-MAC quality DBs. 8 Fountain is a terrific MLB, 17 Briones stood out at LB against RI. 45 Ostman, 44 Stanitcek are good DEs. The defense is experienced and aggressive. Pass rush has been a weakness however.

Oh yeah, our special teams are decent at blocking kicks (also roughing the kicker) but have been bad at EVERYTHING else.

The only way CMU can beat Kansas is with much improved QB play. I think CMU will be dangerous when the offense comes around, I just don't think that will happen until Halloween.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater, hail to old KU!