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#990070 - 10/24/09 11:04 PM Re: football ** [Re: B_of_H]
sensei Offline
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Quote: pointless and an embarassment to the univeristy. Plus, think about the extra parking space we could have if they dropped this joke of a sport from the athletic program. There are other exhibition sports that don't make your univeristy look like a bunch of pansies on national tv, let's nip this travesty in the bud. If we are never going to beat anyone decent then at least have some dignity and refrain from sending a midget out there at qb. Roy williams would be proud of these wimps and their limp wristed fail defense but I cannot take any more of this BS. Lew - Run these losers out of town, thanks.

Just sayin

Not Sure

#990071 - 10/24/09 11:22 PM Re: football [Re: sensei]
theno1kufan Offline
Baby Jay

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hey c'mon guys, at least gayball had a good run

#990072 - 10/24/09 11:27 PM Re: football [Re: sensei]
Crimson & Blue Blood

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We have a LOOOOOOONNNGGGG way to go to be competitve in the Big 12, I guess some people around here don't realize their is a South division which OWNS us. But I just don't see KU ever being a football power. It is called "LACK OF TALENT"

#990073 - 10/25/09 01:38 AM Re: football [Re: Judy_Jayhawk]
ku_painter Offline
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What's the matter is football too complex for you to understand?

You seriously wanna go there?
I listen to crappy indie music.

#990074 - 10/25/09 01:35 PM Re: football [Re: ku_painter]
KoolKeithFreeze Offline
Crimson & Blue Blood

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Apparently some folks are taking the whole 'intersport rivalry' at KU a little too serious. This thread is silly.

#990075 - 10/25/09 02:16 PM Re: football [Re: KoolKeithFreeze]
Jhwk4evr Offline
Crimson & Blue Blood

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Exactly. Who needs stupid gay ball when our men's team could easily generate the profits needed to support all of our D1 teams. All we would have to do is quadruple the ticket prices, get rid of the student section, charge every car parked in the Lawrence city limits for just being in town, and then maybe build a second field house in leawood for really exciting games; you could have a little pinot with your brie while that brute sherron took it to the competition.

Gay-ball is history -- get that weak action off the campus, like, yesterday.

What's that? This post is ridiculous? Oh, okay then.

#990076 - 10/25/09 05:34 PM Re: football [Re: Judy_Jayhawk]
HawkRawker Offline

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You know it's sad that we diss Reesing in such a way, he got us to where we are. all reality he has looked horrible the last two weeks. Hope he can get his act together. Still think he is injured.
If I advise, we regress.

#990077 - 10/25/09 05:47 PM Re: football [Re: HawkRawker]
Geezer Offline
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He does seem to have lost his swagger.
He also got ROCKED a couple times Saturday.
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#990078 - 10/25/09 11:20 PM Re: football [Re: Geezer]
13Hawk Offline
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Does this count as round 3 between football and basketball?

#990079 - 10/26/09 08:49 AM Re: football [Re: 13Hawk]
LisaT Offline
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