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#948528 - 09/21/09 11:55 AM foxsports
killabees Offline
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I know someone linked to this already, but I had to comment on it.

I just wanted to point out that they have Washington State in at 16 where I'm pretty sure they're talking about Washington. Also, Washington at 16? Really?

#948529 - 09/21/09 02:09 PM Re: foxsports [Re: killabees]
theno1kufan Offline
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fox is a joke and not just in sports coverage

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#948530 - 09/21/09 02:14 PM Re: foxsports [Re: theno1kufan]
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Nebraska goes up 8 spots for losing on the road? MU is 13th after almost losing to Bowling Green? We drop out of the rankings after winning yet another game?
Is this the Bizarro Ranking?

#948531 - 09/21/09 02:49 PM Re: foxsports [Re: reubend]
oldalum Online   content
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Does he evaluate each week as a separate entity? Even at that it doesn't make much sense.

#948532 - 09/21/09 07:55 PM Re: foxsports [Re: reubend]
5DecadeHawk Offline
Otto Schnellbacher

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Nebraska goes up 8 spots for losing on the road?

Nebraska plays on FSN this week. Fox is simply using this meaningless poll to promote the games on their schedule.
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#948533 - 09/21/09 07:59 PM Re: foxsports [Re: 5DecadeHawk]
oldalum Online   content
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We play on FSN as well, and they sure didn't do us any favors.

#948534 - 09/21/09 08:34 PM Re: foxsports [Re: oldalum]
hawkinTexas Offline
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I had the feeling that he just forgot about Kansas. I've seen it happen with other rankings and other teams, so I don't think it's just us. I don't like the lack of respect we're receiving once again, but as long as we take care of business, we'll be just fine when the time comes to assign bowls.

#948535 - 09/21/09 08:41 PM Re: foxsports [Re: theno1kufan]
namohcan_99 Offline
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fox is a joke and not just in sports coverage


#948536 - 09/21/09 09:19 PM Re: foxsports [Re: namohcan_99]
Sparko Offline
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Faux. Murdoch has done more damage to Western Democracies than any previous invader.

Kansas is the most entertaining team in show business. We are damned lucky this year. Look as USC an KSU for reminders. The national broadcasts will draw more and more fans to the band wagon. Fox can take a flying bite out of our collective tails.

#948537 - 09/21/09 10:56 PM Re: foxsports [Re: Sparko]
Merg311 Offline
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6. Miami
11. Michigan
12. Notre Dame
13. Missouri
15. Nebraska
16. Washington
20. Oklahoma (drops 10 spots after thrashing Tulsa)

All these scream, WTF? Does this guy even watch college football? Michigan won 3 games last year. Yes, they are improved this season, but I am hard pressed to even sneak them into the Top 25 at all, let alone almost the Top 10. Same for Notre Dame. Don't get me started on the lovefest for Miami. Improved from last year, yes, but not a Top 10 team.
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