File this under “a grain of salt,” but Boyd’s World started posted “pseudo-RPI” figures this week. His “pseudo” figures are pretty well dead on.

It’s way to early in the year to get decent RPI results, but here is where the Big-12 stands as of today.

11 Texas
18 Oklahoma
29 Texas A&M
33 Kansas State
51 Missouri
64 Nebraska
70 Oklahoma State
89 Baylor
115 Texas Tech
141 Kansas

For the complete list just visit Boyd's World College Baseball Ratings Page

Here are the rankings of some other teams on KU’s schedule.

25 Stanford
52 Wichita State
54 Penn State
61 Arkansas
132 Oral Roberts
170 South Dakota State
200 Western Illinois
210 Missouri State
242 Hawaii-Hilo
275 Chicago State

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