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#759604 - 02/16/09 04:53 PM Re: [censored] love Coach Self [Re: swishymcjayhawk]
the_crark Offline
Lawrence Legend

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Loc: the Larry
Wow. What a low life POS. Our guys get late hits and elbows and we are the bad guys? He then belittles our players on alleged comments that he didn't even hear. Unprofessional.

Purple fantasy land.
To the old fools at the game: Yes, you will have to stand up to see over me.

#759605 - 02/16/09 05:06 PM Re: [censored] love Coach Self [Re: the_crark]
bpritchett Offline
Phog Fanatic

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Loc: Exile
Gossip as journalism. Gotta love it. Unless he can prove it, why even go there? How does that make him better at his job, the loss easier to take or KSU a better program?

This probably just makes me old, but I actually remember when KSU "fans" weren't angry, bitter, desperate, delusional whiners. Do Rolando Blackman and Mitch Richmond even acknowledge that barn anymore?

#759606 - 02/16/09 05:14 PM Re: [censored] love Coach Self [Re: bpritchett]
E4KUJHawks Offline
Max Falkenstien

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Fitz is a big fat purple b!tc#!!!

Hey Fitz, your team lost--stop whining and making up excuses like Denise Clementine and all the other KSUck purplepuss!es (fans, players, coaches, etc.) and deal with it!

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Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU!!!

#759607 - 02/16/09 05:48 PM Re: [censored] love Coach Self [Re: E4KUJHawks]
catnap Offline
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Even if it DID occur--and I believe that it simply did not--does that give Clemente the right to potentially HURT another player?

And is Fitz Clemente's spokesperson or something?

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