Notice that the old pass guru Paul Brown was won over to Lombardi's determination to have a power run game? That ball security was more important than gaudy passing stats. Sounds like a familiar argument to me.

For 25 years now since Clark caught that dam ball in Candlestick Park, I've listened to the mantra of 'West Coast' offense yadayadayad and throw the ball to set up the run. Just can't run the ball w/ defenses as fast and powerful as we have these days. I'm here to tell you that having Reesing go out there an throw 40 times a game w/ our receivers is a ticket to canning the Buddha next year. I am absolutely sold that Reesing/Meier are gonna have to run an effective option for the Jayhawks to succeed next fall. And I'm confident that we can score 30ppg using the option to get on the corner of the defense. We will not score 30ppg throwing the ball.

The QB that runs the the ball the best should get the starting job next fall.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Beat Mizzou