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#517461 - 06/30/08 09:53 PM Re: The National League Sucks [Re: digitalkookie]
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inevitable reality, unfortunately...not that this is anything new though...same [censored], different year

good god, i have been down this road so many times...

Shouldnt you change teams then?
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#517462 - 07/01/08 07:05 PM Re: The National League Sucks [Re: larryb]
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jamma - Half full of tourists? OK. Even if it was true that means 20,000 people from out of town like the Cubs or have a desire to go to Wrigley Field. I guess that means the franchise has done something right.

hawklin - It's all about having a good time. Not sure why and how people fault the Cubs or the Cubs fans for packing the park and having a good time. Please don't tell me that on saturday nights the Sox choose to have fireworks night NOT to bring in more fans. Please don't tell me the sundays where kids get to run the bases after the game doesn't bring in more fans. Please don't tell me any of the "gimmick" days and nights are not to try and bring more people in to the Cell - and have a good time.

No one (at least I haven't) has said that the Cubs have the "purest" fans. They do rank up there in being the most most loyal.

East Coast - National League Sucks. If that's what you and others believe, don't let me stand in your way. The Royals would be the best team in baseball if they only played National League teams. Right? WRONG!!! They had a very impressive showing during interleague play. I can give them that. I can't give them that they would be much better than a .500 team in the NL.

As far as Cubs fans, I am sorry I didn't go back more than 24 years. I will say in the past 24 years the Cubs sure as heck have drawn fans and a very loyal following.

jaihaux - Thank you for having a clue. The Cubs percentage wise have one of the best if not the best attandance figures in the NL and possibly all of baseball.

To all - You will be happy to know that I can aknowledge the Cubs may be done. They proved the last two weeks that they are in trouble. They have bad pitching and lack players with natural posistions. Injuries are multiplying. They have been brought back down to earth. The White Sox exposed all their weeknesses over the weekend. The White Sox are a superior team to the Cubs and people are just starting to wake up and realize it.

OK, half full of tourists is an exaggeration, but only to express my point. The franchise propably reals in more of a tourist crowd than any other franchise.
I stand by my comment that the franchise is one big gimmick, they may not use fireworks to lure them in, but they continue to play a large day game schedule just to set themselves apart. Sounds like a gimmick to me.
BTW, I'm all for gimmicks, I'm not such a snob purist that I don't enjoy a good fireworks show, hell, I wish my wife and I could get on kiss cam.
Royals games and other franchises are indeed full of gimmicks/marketing, don't pretend the Cubs aren't doing it also. Nothing wrong with it.

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