Whereas a system of warfare has been inaugurated, known as "bushwacking" in which rebel fiends lay in wait for their prey, to assassinate Union soldiers and citizens, it is therefore ordered they shall not be treated as prisoners of war, but be summarily tried by Drum Head Court Martial, and if proved guilty, be executed, by hanging or shooting on the spot, as no punishment can be too prompt or severe for such unnatural enemies of the human race.
-Union General James Blunt, Commander of Missouri District, June 1862

My, times never seem to change. Except we're a bit more humane w/ our enemies these days.

Later, General Blunt went even further initiating the system of 'concentration' camps for bushwacker families then outright expulsion of the bushwackers from western Missoura w/ General Order #11.

Say what you will about a guy like General Blunt, but it got the job done. Bushwackers quit invading Kansas in 1864 and by the late 1870s most of em were dead (ie Jesse James) or driven to civility even in the state of Missoura. Whenever Kansans or the Federal Govt met the Bushwackers w/ violence (ie Cap'n Brown on the Pottawatomie or Gen Order #11), it got the job done. Where Kansas wavered or was defensive, the Missourians slaughtered Kansans (ie the Wakarusa War or Quantrill's Raid).

All that being said, I'm gonna stand w/ General Blunt and Cap'n Brown. Only way to beat down these Missourians is to hammer em. Don't let em up for air. Kick em while they're down. Coach Mangino let the bastards suck some air last fall. And I'll be dammed if tiggerboard ain't forgot the fact that the Buddha handed their arse to em 3 straight afore that. The Mulleted Minions have also forgotten their 2 and 5 swoon to end the year. I'll be dammed if there aren't more PRE-season all americans popping up all over central Missoura than even during the Devine years. I gotta tell ya'll that next fall Mortenson or Duncan or Rivera need to get a dam hat on that Nose Picker and shut those bastards up for good.

'Kansas farmers should raise less corn and more hell.'-Mary Lease, 19th century Kansas Populist

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Beat Mizzou

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