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Jackson sued over plane incident
Lions defensive end allegedly shoved flight attendant
Posted: Thursday January 25, 2007 11:32AM; Updated: Thursday January 25, 2007 1:43PM

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Former St. Louis Rams defensive end Tyoka Jackson has been sued by a male flight attendant for Northwest Airlines who claimed the player knocked him across an airplane aisle.

The incident allegedly happened Feb. 13, 2005, as the plane approached St. Louis. Jackson was not on a Rams-related trip. The suit was filed this week.

In addition to the suit, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed a $20,500 fine for Jackson, who now plays for the Detroit Lions. The FAA said flight attendant Gary Rihn was shoved by Jackson after repeatedly asking the player to stow his carry-on bag. Rihn was shoved so hard that he landed feet in the air against another passenger, the FAA said.

Jackson's lawyer, Tom Magee, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Jackson only poked Rihn, and only after being poked first. Magee said the FAA fine had been confidentially settled for less than the full amount.

Rihn's lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in St. Louis, seeks $250,000 in actual damages and $750,000 in punitive damages. Rihn's wife, Bonita Rihn, asks for an additional $200,000 for "loss of consortium."

Rihn has paid more than $6,300 in medical expenses, the suit said, noting that he also suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Magee said, "Obviously, the lawsuit's being filed because it's Tyoka Jackson ... not John Q. Public."
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