Possibly the most intruiging season there has ever been. How many teams (NFC especially) have gone from the favorite to the garbage bin in a matter of weeks? In the NFC it was the Panthers....then the Seahawks.....then the Giants....then the Eagles....then the Cowboys.....then the Saints all the while the Bears were given all the reasons why they wouldn't make it (injuries and their QB).

Indy was the same. Everyone loved the Pats...and the Chargers....and the Ravens all the while telling us how Indy would never make it b/c they couldn't stop the run and Manning couldn't win the big one (especially against the "genius" Belichek and golden boy Brady).

Well, well, well, I'd love to see the "experts" win-loss records this year. You know, the guys who tell us EXACTLY who is going to win every week and why and how and blah, blah, blah ("coming up after the commercial, Stan and Eddy will tell us who will win this week and why the ******'s are going to the Super Bowl"). Now the same "experts" will blab for two weeks like they know what the hell they're talking about even though none of them picked this matchup.

And CBS, get it right, that kicker playing for Indy is from Rapid City, not Yankton.

P.S. Colts in a yawner. 28-10
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