Here are a few excerpts from my interview with former KU pitcher Mike Zagurski which touches on the use of metal bats in college. Zagurski pitches for the Phillies now:

I have read that the level of play in the Big-12 roughly equates to that of High-A minor league baseball. Does that sound correct to you?
Yes, I think so. The quality of the players is comparable. High-A baseball might be easier on pitchers because a lot of the hitters at that level are still getting used to using wooden bats.

What do you think about the use of aluminum bats in college?
You might be surprised but I am in favor of using them. I am a fan of baseball and I think aluminum bats are good for the college game. They make the game more exciting for the fans. Not many casual fans like 1-0 games and the aluminum bats create more runs. Speaking as a pitcher I didn't like making a good pitch only to see it turn into a hit but on the whole I am in favor of the aluminum bats.


What are some of the adjustments you had to make after becoming a professional player?
I was lucky and my coaches liked most of what I was doing and didn't make a lot of adjustments. In professional ball I attack the strike zone a bit more. I was always encouraged to do this but it works a bit better in professional ball because of the wooden bats. I try to throw strike one right away and challenge the batters. Getting a guy out in three or four pitches works a bit better in professional baseball.

The full interview can be linked here.