You don't need a bookie or Vegas. Internet gambling sites are very reliable and quasi-legal. Hopefully the idiot Senator from Iowa doesn't get his offshore internet gambling bill passed. But that is years off. Anyway, I like and World Sports Exchange . Both have many options for payout and payouts are immediate. No Over/Under listed yet, BUT KU is down to +9.5!!!! So money is coming in on the Hawks!

I like the over in this game...whatever it may be. Will be an old Border War style shootout!

PS. Nebraska/SouthernMiss tonight...the O/U is 37! What is this, the NFL? I have never seen an O/U that low. Lowest I had seen was 40. Interesting! I'd lay a few on NU, SoMiss sucks. They can't score points. Go freaking figure, their OC is that loser dude named Rip that used to be here. I am taking Nebraska -10.5, they will win by 17-20.