mighty, mighty Missoura tiggers. Gawd, this board it's all about Ksuck's crappy new DC and tiggerboard it's all about where the tiggers will be ranked in the pre-season top 25. I can't freaking stand this. This is all my fault. I had no faith. I forgot the Covenant. I've gotta get back into the Rant.

"I don't go for any nonviolent white liberals. If you are for me and my problems-when I say me I mean US, our people-then you have to be willing to do as Old John Brown did."
-Malcolm X January 1965

Hey, Missoura, ya'll won ONE game against KU in the last 4 tries. Ya'll lost 2 outta your last 3 this season. Ya'll went 2 and 4 down the stretch. Ya'll lose the HEART of your defense. You have NO power run game. EVERYTHING depends on a Pretty Boy from Tejas who likes his own BURGERS. Ya'll roadtrip to Larryville and Mancrappie. GET OVER Ya'llselves.

Missoura, home of more preseason All-Americans than Notre Dame.

Fer gawdsake, I gotta quit worrying about work and get to reading and posting on this board again. Border War had a bad installment in 06. Means we gotta get back to work next season. Sucks to wait a year but by gawd I can't wait for the Red Leggers to get some retribution.

There towered a spectral form!
I knew by its proud erectness,
By its calm determined mien,
By the strong arms firmly folded,
By the clear, deep eye serene,
'Twas that old man, lion-hearted,
Of the dark and terrible frown,
The Genius of Retribution-
Old Osawatomie Brown.

- The Specter at Sumner New York Tribune, March 19, 1861

Ya'll sit around here and B&M all ya'll want. Yak w/ the Ksuckers about their insignificant DC. Jump on the basketball bandwagon. Whatever. NOTHING matters next fall except the Border WAR. The UofKansas Football Club exists for the sole reason of beating those bastards. Right now, they think their s*&%t does not stink. We're just gonna have to put an end to that crap soon enough.

'Kansas farmers should raise less corn and more hell.'-Mary Lease, 19th century Kansas Populist

Give em hell Mr McClinton

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Beat Mizzou

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