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#21481 - 01/07/07 08:22 PM Petrino pulls a Saban
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"I can't tell you how happy I am with the commitment and the confidence that Tom Jurich has in me and the university has in me," Petrino said after signing the contract. "I also wanted to make sure that everyone understood, I know I've said it, that this is where my family wants to be. This is where I want to be. I want everyone to really believe it."

Ron Mexico, meet your new coach....Louisville's Bobby Petrino.

#21482 - 01/08/07 01:12 AM Re: Petrino pulls a Saban [Re: tubby]
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Lawrence Legend

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I think these coaches need to start keeping their mouths closed. Say you're happy in your current position if you want but the whole "this is where I want to be" or "I'm not going anywhere" is just foolish in a profession where change is almost certain.

#21483 - 01/08/07 07:31 AM Re: Petrino pulls a Saban [Re: tubby]
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#21484 - 01/08/07 07:56 AM Re: Petrino pulls a Saban [Re: brando]
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wait you all expect a coach to tell the truth? wow
Face it, KU is a big deal!

#21485 - 01/08/07 09:46 AM Re: Petrino pulls a Saban [Re: doubleJ25]
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Max Falkenstien

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"this is where I want to be"

Translation: "This is where I want to be (unless someone offers a better deal)."

(Keep your options open, Coach. Keep your options open.)
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#21486 - 01/08/07 11:39 AM Re: Petrino pulls a Saban [Re: shades]
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To all you office fans, Dwight Schrute sums it up pretty good.....

"Would I ever leave this company? Look, I'm all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I'm being paid for here is my loyalty. But if there were somewhere else that valued loyalty more highly, I'm going wherever they value loyalty the most."
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