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#2049110 - 06/25/20 08:22 PM I’m old enough to remember....
Wilt Chamberlain

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April 1 2009 The number 1 college basketball program of all time hired John Vincent Calipari and it he message here was he’d be in trouble with the NCAA in a matter of time. Kansas was lucky to have coaches who played by the rules. Lol

I’m being a butt, I know and am just kidding. It was true though. I don’t think the NCAA does much. Self ratting out other programs saying they do it may make him some enemies.
He hardly knew Gassnola and Gatto. They just happened to be sitting with him at his HOF induction. I thought Self was going to get Gassnola to be the one who walked up on stage and give a speech. KU “ KU first a d everyone else get in fking line”. What a way to go. For years KI players going into the NBA signed with Adidas. Why not? Already on payroll. 😂. Kentucky players, even the big names kind of went with different brands.

Who would have thought Self would be hit with these charges? Hopefully they disappear. Just like Calipari who the NCAA never found him guilty of anything in the Camby and Rose deal. That’s the NCAA.

Could the NCAA be racist? They hit Memphis and take away a great season. They hit them again with their star player having to sit. They judge them fast and hit hard. Memphis gets hit, dUKe and their rich white personnel get nothing.
Memphis should sue for their FF season and banner be allowed to hang. dUKe would be the one to prove it gets treated differently. Lance Thomas refused to talk to NCAA. No problem. Rose refused to talk after he was in NBA, vacate a season. Perfect climate right now to push it to.

#2049111 - 06/25/20 08:29 PM Re: I’m old enough to remember.... [Re: KYBLUEBLOOD]
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no one cares
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#2049112 - 06/25/20 08:34 PM Re: I’m old enough to remember.... [Re: KYBLUEBLOOD]
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