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#2044238 - 11/04/19 01:27 PM Those uniforms .....
shawneehawk Offline
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I figured we were cooked when they came out in some ungodly 'special' uniforms...
this always seems to more attention to 'playing the game' instead of
how you look.....not that the regular uni's are all that great....if they would get rid of that stupid font they use for the numbers and use the good old 'block' font.
I think it's a distraction.....if you go in 6-0, you can get probably get past it, but just play the game first, worry about looks later. Like someone in the crowd said,
"they can't play all that well, but at least they look good" . But I would debate the second reference as well.

#2044239 - 11/04/19 04:11 PM Re: Those uniforms ..... [Re: shawneehawk]
beenahawk Offline
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I totally agree. Those "Showdown" unis looked more like a clown show and that is EXACTLY how the team played. Let's face it, we are a grid squad WITHOUT an identity and we perpetuate that by never wearing the same thing twice. If I'm Les Miles I put a resounding STOP to the uniform switches and go "old school", blue jerseys, white pants at home and blue pants, white jerseys on the road all with a READABLE font.

All that said, I'd still simply prefer a team that at least looked like they had practiced again a basic QB option and not one that appears to have ever even heard of the concept!

#2044324 - 11/06/19 08:03 PM Re: Those uniforms ..... [Re: shawneehawk]
JimWest Offline

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The red and blue sleeves should have been on the opposite sides.
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#2044325 - 11/06/19 08:31 PM Re: Those uniforms ..... [Re: shawneehawk]
PHOGUSHER Online   content
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Hey they only deserve gunny sack unis the way they played..hey but as long as the team looks good while losing by 30....
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#2044340 - 11/07/19 07:59 PM Re: Those uniforms ..... [Re: shawneehawk]
pizzanbeer Offline
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I think we're under contract to wear whatever bad looking uniforms Adidas designs for us for 1 game per year. Too bad they decided to use the ugly uniforms against the Mildcats.