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#2041219 - 06/15/19 10:24 AM Re: Wake Up! It’s The Best of Times [Re: tmcats]
Wilt Chamberlain

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Originally Posted By: tmcats

the ncaa is going to be on ku like stink on hot garbage, in fact they already are according to reports.

You are right. We got something coming. I don't know what yet. But something.

Those that refuse to accept it or acknowledge it are just fooling themselves. I believe it is called a defense mechanism.

The ncaa was forced to sit on the sidelines with egg all over their face while the trials played themselves out. The trials are now over. The ncaa is now gonna get some.

Somethings coming. I prefer they get on with it so we can move on and put this episode behind us.

#2041220 - 06/15/19 10:54 AM Re: Wake Up! It’s The Best of Times [Re: PHOGUSHER]
Jayhawk1952 Offline
Max Falkenstien

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Originally Posted By: PHOGUSHER
KU will get a slap on the hand...thats about it...

I tend to agree with Phoggy. If anything happens, it won't be much. De Sousa has already been punished (excessively). The Zion situation is basically innuendo. A lot has been claimed for a text message which the NCAA doesn't have access to as the Feds didn't use it and the NCAA can't get to it. KU benched Preston as soon as they smelled something fishy and he never played a minute. I'm not aware of any other real recent problems.

#2041222 - 06/15/19 01:20 PM Re: Wake Up! It’s The Best of Times [Re: Jayhawk1952]
Original AFH Gangsta

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Ancient one percieves it correctly...stoic boneheads a.k.a. michhawk predicts the sky is falling scenario. If somehow we get nailed that might be the straw that broke the camels back for Self....he will bail and I would not blame him...
No more .net hate. Just here to share incredible special moments with my Jayhawk brethren.

#2041276 - 06/18/19 10:53 AM Re: Wake Up! It’s The Best of Times [Re: moose1]
KUCO_VOC Online   happy

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Originally Posted By: moose1
Go easy on Timmay. Clearly his hate of KU is all he has in life.

Bill Self - "I was shocked to read that something could be said that was not specifically intended for anyone, but it made all 20 schools that were mentioned in the FBI deal and their fan base feel like it was.”

That's a good point, Bill.
Kansas football will rise again (Coach Don Fambrough style, that is)!

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