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#2040117 - 03/31/19 07:20 PM #2 defeats #1 seed?
Jaycat92 Offline
Max Falkenstien

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So is it really considered a major upset when a #2 seed defeats a #1 seed in the Elite 8?

Not just considering the fact that Duke has 3 or 4 lottery picks, is it that big of a deal if a #2 seed defeats a #1 seed in the tourney?

I don't think it really is just based on seeding, but considering the talent on Dukes sidelines, this was a big upset to some degree.

#2040118 - 03/31/19 07:29 PM Re: #2 defeats #1 seed? [Re: Jaycat92]
Wilt Chamberlain

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Tremendous gap in talent. Gonzaga early was the only team to beat dUKe until today with Zion playing.
RJ Barrett might be the better pro. Both averaged 22+.

3-4 year middling players can win a championship. I hate the Auburn kid being injured. I wouldn’t care to see Tech and Auburn play. Have a feeling Izzo vs Bennett

#2040119 - 03/31/19 07:48 PM Re: #2 defeats #1 seed? [Re: Jaycat92]
SFBayhawk Offline
Max Falkenstien

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Anytime Cansuckme and Puke both lose in the tourney is a good day. Since the Jayhawks have been long gone, this watch has been favoriting the coach or the conference. One game was extremely hard for the hate gage as both were SEC. One has to advance, and arguably Auburn Bruce Pearl is even sleazier than Cal. Plus a "little" of fat man Charles Barkley goes a long way. I'm thinking he was instructed to cool his jets this game. Now we still have one ACC vs. one SEC. I think Virginia is humbler so they get my allegiance.

Unfortunately TT (conference) faces MSU (Coach Izzo), making this game bittersweet. And ironically KU beat both of them. THIS SEASON!! (many moons ago.)
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#2040120 - 03/31/19 07:56 PM Re: #2 defeats #1 seed? [Re: SFBayhawk]
JimWest Online   happy

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Originally Posted By: SFBayhawk
And ironically KU beat both of them. THIS SEASON!! (many moons ago.)

What is ironic about that?
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#2040122 - 03/31/19 08:11 PM Re: #2 defeats #1 seed? [Re: Jaycat92]
appyhawk Offline
Wilt Chamberlain

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As someone who tends to look at the bright side, I see those early wins and these subsequent tourney results as an indicator that we aren't as far away from being back on top as we might have thought.
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#2040128 - 03/31/19 10:08 PM Re: #2 defeats #1 seed? [Re: Jaycat92]
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Yes we were closer with Dok and maybe Vick also...but we all know how that worked out...face it as good as Duke with Zion were they were still freshmen mostly. It caught up with them. Go Red Raiders.
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