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If someone has time, a comparison of Kansas defense vs OU defense would be really interesting. Stoops just got let go for their defense.
I would still hire him in a heartbeat.

Why? If Stoops can give up that many points and yards with the talent OU has, how bad do you think he might do with the talent provided by Dave Beaty?

Truth be told, Bowen and the defense is not now or has it been the problem...it is Beaty and the woeful offense and sketchy special teams play that has doomed KU for the past four seasons. Way, way, way too many three and outs...or as against WVU, we get a turnover and give it right back with inept play calling or a TO of our own.

Clint's love for KU blinded him to hitch his star to the Beaty wagon, ultimately, a poor career move.