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#2033132 - 09/01/18 07:47 PM Still hard to watch
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#2033134 - 09/01/18 07:55 PM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: Tetonhawk]
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K-State is losing to South Dakota 24-12 nearly at the Half
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#2033135 - 09/01/18 08:29 PM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: 1985hawk]
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Max Falkenstien

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Face it we suck

#2033163 - 09/02/18 12:33 AM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: Tetonhawk]
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Just be thankful...only 44 more quarters of hard to watch left....
I'd run through Hell in a Gasoline suit to see us good in Football again.

#2033246 - 09/05/18 12:11 AM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: Tetonhawk]
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It's beyond hard to watch at this point. I just had to try and completely emotionally divest myself from the game to try and not look like an insane asylum escapee in the stands it got so frustrating.

Biggest problems with this team still are lack of toughness and lack of mental/physical discipline. Though, another big problem which really stuck out to me while listening to the radio coverage on the way home and specifically people talking about how our new OL wasn't really prepared for them running all of those stunts and twists with their DL (some said because Nichol's hadn't been known to do that previously), is that our coaches are always running around trying to put out fires. They're always reacting to what went wrong, and they're virtually never anticipating and preventing any of these fires. Despite what they've said in the past about some of these fires not being predictable, a lot of them are predictable or at the least are common enough across all programs that they should have been prepared for beforehand in the anticipation that they could arise.

There's no foresight, and hence no preparation for a lot of potential problems/in-game situations with this group. It's always chasing after the problems after they arise and never getting ahead of any of them.
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#2033250 - 09/05/18 06:20 AM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: Tetonhawk]
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We were going to CREASE them, man. We will crease them next time. It's just a matter of hitting the CREASE and we're good.

#2033258 - 09/05/18 08:49 AM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: Kirk]
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Originally Posted By: Kirk
We were going to CREASE them, man. We will crease them next time. It's just a matter of hitting the CREASE and we're good.

Well said! But don't forget how we need to study and utilize the "ANALYTICS"!

#2033259 - 09/05/18 09:51 AM Re: Still hard to watch [Re: Tetonhawk]
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But wait, ND HC Charley Weis was widely quoted as telling his team that they would have a "decided schematic advantage" against their opponents, apparently in the belief that his schemes and strategies developed in the NFL were superior to the schemes being run by other college coaches.

Our AD Zenger believed that!! Unfortunately he was talking about his salary, not the football plays.
Kansas football will rise again (Coach Don Fambrough style, that is)!