is turning into a complete circus(which the lawyers from Berkeley and NYU want).

I get reprimanded and sent to the corner for bringing it up on the BB board, but what I said is true. NOW, Arizona coach Sean Miller lashes back with lawyer talk and denial.

So the FBI just wasted millions of dollars and resources, had major failings on other issues(PARKLAND AMONGST OTHERS), to get their ass handed to em by a college basketball coach? And on top of that face potential lawsuits for this? If true I guess the FBI really is F**cking retarded

I understand completely that it is a "reported" story, and there is A LOT of bad reporting out there these days, but Miller is clearly accused of these allegations and if NOT true wouldn't Sean Miller go STRAIGHT to a Jewish, Black, Croatian, French, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Catholic, Muslim, Hindi or Italian lawyer, et al(see what I did there 2004) from LA to "rectify" the situation?(I sure as Sh1t would) If the story is true I would suspect Miller would have to spew some crap out on a university supported news presser.