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#2027947 - 02/18/18 05:16 AM Hosmer to Padres
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#2027983 - 02/19/18 09:52 AM Re: Hosmer to Padres [Re: INation]
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With all due respect to the Miami Marlins, I’m not sure that any team is worse off long-term than the Royals. They lost Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain to free agency this offseason and still might lose Mike Moustakas as well. Baseball America says they have the second-to-worst farm system in baseball. The projections at both FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus see the Royals as a true talent sub-70 win team in 2018. The MLB roster is bad and the farm system is bad. At least the Marlins traded their top guys for some talent.

The Royals seriously pursued Hosmer and, had they re-signed him, it would’ve been tempting to try a quick fix retool to get back into contention while he is still in his prime. Nothing wrong with that. There’s something to be said for trying to win in an age where one-third of the league is rebuilding. That said, the Royals are in bad shape right now, and the best thing for the team long-term is to rebuild. Move on from Hosmer, Cain, and Moustakas and develop the next championship core. Re-signing Hosmer would’ve complicated things. Now the Royals know without question the path they must take.
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#2028177 - 02/22/18 11:06 AM Re: Hosmer to Padres [Re: INation]
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All the local yokels wants to praise Hosmer for what he did for KC in bringing with others a World Championship. But isnt that the end goal of all major league baseball players. It is doing his job to an ultimate goal. It made me sick in that last home game last yr when Hosmer..Cain...and Moose did their swan song salute to the crowd. Hell with that arrogant crap...the Royals actually offered Hoz more money over shorter contract..147 million over 7 yrs vs. 144 million over 8 with the Padres. Sure the Padre's contract might have been more front loaded but who cares.

Bottomline around July when Hoz is just another face on the Padres not being the big celebrity he was in KC and the Padres being about 15 games out of first place he will rue his decision. He and his teammates in KC had the closest thing to "We are Family" ala the Pittsburgh Pirates of old. He will never experience that true team chemistry again. Ok my rant is over.
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