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I would like to see them hire a former head coach that is on his way down, but still wants to coach.

This is not a dig on Beaty. There is no secret I want Beaty gone. However I think he could benefit from someone on staff that has head coaching experience.

I listened to an interview with Ron Riviera, and he said it was very valuable to have a coach with head coaching experience the first couple of years he was a head coach. I think it would benefit Beaty to have that to lean on.
Unfortunately, Beaty has shown his arrogance and stubbornness to the public, so much so that his ego won't allow an experienced "teacher" at this point. He's run his course as a P5 D1 HC anywhere but in football hell (Kansas).

His actions immediately following showing up Heisman QB Mayfield has put his "talents" on display.
Kansas football will rise again (Coach Don Fambrough style)