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#2020687 - 09/18/17 06:57 PM Wrong Juco QB Recruit
carp Offline
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If I remember correctly Keegan was interviewing Kale Pick last year and in the conversation Kale stated he had a excellent QB at Fort Scott Community College named Nathan Rourke that reminded him of Todd Reesing and KU should recruit him. Obviously KU(Beaty) did not recruit him as we watched him and the Ohio Bobcats kick KU's ass last Saturday. Ohio's QB Rourke does have great mobility, arm strength, and the ability to look down the field while being chased when making great plays. What is also sad is that Rourke was in our own backyard with an ex KU player coaching him and he is only a sophomore this year. Keegan's recent article states Bender needs to stay away from so many sacks during the course of the game. If Beaty would of recruited Rourke I believe the sacks would not be an issue.

#2020689 - 09/18/17 08:18 PM Re: Wrong Juco QB Recruit [Re: carp]
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Lamar Jackson couldn't save us right now if our D plays like it has.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater, hail to old KU!

#2020703 - 09/19/17 11:04 AM Re: Wrong Juco QB Recruit [Re: carp]
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Rourke is tough and mobile which is a great benefit to a young OL and a good equalizer when playing aggressive defenses, but Rourke would be wasted by our coaching staffs inability adjust the system to the strengths and talent of the players.

Coaches that regularly win against more talented teams (Snyder, Bohl, Solich, Carey, ) all have shown the experience, knowledge, and ability to coach strong fundamentals and techniques and to adjust their system to maximise the talent available.

We are not losing to the CMU's, Ohio's and SDSU of the world because of our deficiencies in talent we are losing because of the deficiencies of our coaching staff and until changes are made we will continue to lose in both conference and non conference games

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#2020706 - 09/19/17 01:31 PM Re: Wrong Juco QB Recruit [Re: carp]
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jhawkblue and other posters on here are agreeing more and more about the abilities of our present coaching staff and HC. Hate to be right as I want some wins, not to see heads roll.
Kansas football will rise again (Coach Don Fambrough style, that is)!

#2020711 - 09/19/17 02:16 PM Re: Wrong Juco QB Recruit [Re: KUCO_VOC]
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Several of our current coaches have done quite well at other schools. Something is amiss to now simply dismiss them as inadequate coaches. Does it mean that just because they are now in Kansas they have suddenly become failures? I think not. Much of it still has to do with the total overall talent. We have some really great talented players, but it doesn't take very many not so good to negate all of that. Much of it is due to in experience. We still need time. I say at least two more years to see the kind of improvement that we need and to see what direction we are going. We have been in a really deep hole football wise. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day neither will our football team be built quickly. Am I happy where we are? No. I was hoping for better. But I realize that patience is the theme.

#2020712 - 09/19/17 02:32 PM Re: Wrong Juco QB Recruit [Re: Jayhawk1952]
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This year has been very disappointing so far. I think most (maybe not all) would agree with that, but I think next year will be the year where we can see how this thing is really going.

We'll finally be up to D-1 level depth and near P-5 level scholarships with enough guys who've been in the program more than 2 years. Both Spring and Fall football practices should go a lot smoother and that'll help with getting more guys comfortable in the system faster. Having more guys who know what to expect and know the system well should in turn help out the young guys learn more quickly.
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