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#2020426 - 09/12/17 10:10 AM Dems finally realizing
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Max Falkenstien

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the error of their ways. This has been so obvious.
Great job, ladies, great job. Is it too late for the Democrats? Let’s see if this return to civility spreads, and includes ending the ridiculous effort to nullify last year’s election. If not, politicians like Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi will be known only for nullifying their own party.

#2021107 - 09/30/17 07:26 AM Re: Dems finally realizing [Re: imzcount]
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What are the details of this "ridiculous effort to nullify last year's election"?

Who's involved in it? What exactly are they doing to nullify the election?

Why can't you people ever come up with any FACTS to back up these baseless accusations?

Here's my favorite part of Ms. Bruce's right-wing propaganda piece::

" This from a woman who has been one of the most unhinged among Trump critics, and that’s saying a lot. Among other attacks, she endorsed censure of the president over his comment about Charlottesville, said he is unworthy of the office of president, said that she is “worried” about his fitness for the office, and has called him “reckless.”

"Unhinged"? Hardly. Over 60% of Americans are "worried about his fitness for office" and believe he's "reckless".

You need to turn off Fox News and go baack to sleeep.
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