Anyone else go? What were your thoughts?

I thought it was a decent sized crowd, but not as big as previous ones I've been to. Was A TON more kids in the 2-15 year old range than I ever remember before though. Was kind of a kid nightmare at times with those little buggers darting in and out of your way. Had to keep looking down to make sure I didn't accidentally step on one or just run one over as I'm kind of tall and it's hard to see them sometimes without looking down.

No live band for the 1st time I think ever either. They did have a DJ who more or less just kept the predetermined playlist going. Girod, Zenger, Beaty, and the players all seemed to talk for a lot shorter times than in previous events too. Coach Beaty and the players did seem to mingle with the crowd a lot more and for a longer period of time than in years past though. Mike Lee looked to be the crowd favorite by a bit. Even more in demand than Armstrong, Wise, Dineen, or Adeniji.

Overall it had a lot different feel than in years past to me. Like I said, less speeches, lot more kids and more player/coach interaction with the crowd, and less peripheral entertainment (no live band, seemed like fewer cheerleaders too). I also don't recall them promoting this one quite as much as previous ones also. Still a good sized crowd.
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