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#2017221 - 05/10/17 05:27 PM McCARTHY HALL INCIDENT
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A few questions/observations--

It took Lawrence PD almost five months to complete its investigation? Why so long? Must be a he said/she said without any compelling direct evidence.

It's likely someone is going to be charged with the two minor offenses--contributing/furnishing alcohol to minor.

What was the time lapse between when alleged rape was reported to campus police until it was referred to Lawrence PD?

Why are three unauthorized people (young women) wandering around a secured male-only residence facility? The basketball team was playing at the Sprint Center. When were they allowed into the facility?

Let's assume nobody on the team is charged with sexual misconduct. If so. don't we need to review the regulations that prohibit Self and/or athletic department officials from commenting on ANY aspect of the investigation while it is ongoing? The length of this investigation spanned almost the ENTIRE academic school year.

Campus police should NOT have the discretion of sitting on a felony investigation indefinitely without logging it into the public record at the time of the incident. And ALL felony complaints should be forwarded to the Lawrence PD immediately. Otherwise, allegations of a coverup are inevitable.

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#2017231 - 05/11/17 10:20 AM Re: McCARTHY HALL INCIDENT [Re: jahawker2004]
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i don't like the idea of campus police dealing with felony issues at any state university, period. this is what happens when it's left to them rather than the local police.

k-state is getting ripped for title 9 issues by allowing the rcpd to handle off-campus rape cases.

i don't get that line of thought at all. the most skilled local outfit should handle felonies and that's certainly not the campus cops.
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#2017268 - 05/12/17 08:22 PM Re: McCARTHY HALL INCIDENT [Re: jahawker2004]
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The more our society changes, the more it stays the same. When your at a big time program, albeit football or basketball, sometimes the crimes don't fit the punishments. Sometimes the allegations don't line up with what really happened either. There is alot of blame to go around for what happened. First thing is if the team wasn't even on campus, does there need to be security present at dorm? Second, like whats already been asked, how in the world could someone be allowed in when no one was present? Ah ha, they were there already before the team left and told to stay if they wanted that wouldn't happen would it...........?

Speculation, its worse usually than the crime that was committed. Relax, information will be released when its gathered. It might be something minor, or it might be something that rocks our program. No one really knows yet.

#2017305 - 05/15/17 08:21 AM Re: McCARTHY HALL INCIDENT [Re: Jaycat92]
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I'm not going to sweat this because I have no control, so what's the point. But all the movement in the program right now makes me queezy.