Day 1

Offense-Jermiah Booker- would love to see this guy become a key contributor. I was very impressed of him as a freshman. Last year didn't see much.

Defense-Derrick Neal-Definitely need corners like Neal to step up.

Special Teams-Gabriel Rui-good to see a kicker have a good day. But incoming freshman will give Rui a run for his money.

Day 2

Offense-Hunter Saulsbury-Big surprise here, but its awesome to be building some o line depth

Defense-Josh Ehambe-Need to find some depth at D end with losing Mosby and Olobia. Armstrong will need someone to rush off the other edge.

Special Teams-Taylor Martin-has the speed to be a game changer in the return game.

Day 3

Offense-Taylor Martin-Martin is impressing coaches so far this spring. Think we might have a leader on the depth chart right now for RB. Be interesting to see how things play out with the new guys coming in (Dom Williams, Octavious Matthews)

Defense-Hassan Defense-Good to see another corner make the list. Looks like Hassan Defense and Derrick Neal are the leaders in the clubhouse at corner to this point. Wonder if Mayberry will get in the mix along with the other young corners.

Special Teams-Joe Dineen-Joe can flat run and hit. No surprise he is a great special teamer. Wonder how much special teams he will play being one of our starting backers.