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#1984430 - 02/16/15 12:12 PM SNL 40th
jayhawklouie Offline
Max Falkenstien

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You could see the time and thought put into the show. Overall, well done I thought.

Fallon’s WAY too hammy for my taste, but he and Timberlake did a decent job on the intro.

Jeopardy skit was very well-done. Awesome to see Burt Reynold’s (Norm MacDonald) make a late appearance in the skit.

The old auditions of cast-members was kinda cool. Had never seen Jim Carrey’s post-nuclear Elvis. Wow! Unbelievable SNL passed on him.

Paul McCartney’s voice seemed more off than usual, almost like he had a cold. But great to see him and his great band belt out the Wings classic.

Wanted to see Kristen Wiig more. To me, she's in the Top 5 of all-time SNL performers. She was in the Californians skit, which is funny mostly to see them all trying to make it each other laugh, and she broke a couple times.

“The Break” song with Samberg and Sandler was clever and funny.

Wayne’s World was a good flashback, and as a bonus they took a mild shot at Kanye. Speaking of, it’s a bummer we had to watch Kanye’s bland/weird performance when artists like Jack White were on hand.

Miley Cyrus’ “50 Way To Leave Your Lover” was really impressive. I liked it much better than Simon singing “Crazy After All These Years” later in the show.

Throughout the night, we got to see tons of snippets of old skits, and they made me wish I could re-watch a lot of them.

#1984432 - 02/16/15 12:18 PM Re: SNL 40th [Re: jayhawklouie]
Wilt Chamberlain

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Originally Posted By: jayhawklouie
Throughout the night, we got to see tons of snippets of old skits, and they made me wish I could re-watch a lot of them.

I think you still can. This past weekend VH1 Classic was running old SNL's dating all the way back to the very beginning. I was watching some on Saturday and they were into 1976.

#1984494 - 02/16/15 08:19 PM Re: SNL 40th [Re: jayhawklouie]
jahawker2004 Offline

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I enjoyed the hell out of SNL 40. And I thought the 3 1/2 hours flew by.

All in all, very well done for such a long time slot to fill. Unlike you, jayhawklouie, I thought the musical numbers were the only disappointment of the night. McCartney and Simon not in best of form and Miley Cyrus' cover of Simon's 50 Ways was just ho-hum.

Biggest surprises--Sarah Palin and Jack Nicholson. Didn't expect that. And Kanye and Taylor Swift side by side at the closing credits.

The Californians is not a great recurring skit, and they belabored it to death. But Bette White kinda saved it.

Eddie Murphy moment very touching. He seemed rather subdued, didn't he?

Celebrity Jeopardy was the highlight of the night. A home run for Daryl Hammond, Norm McDonald and Kate McKinnon. Melissa(?) McCarthy great impersonating Chris Farley as well.

Original cast members Akroyd and Curtin still in fine form.

NBC desperately needs a ratings boost. They say 23 million watched. And it was the most tweeted event in television history.
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#1984583 - 02/17/15 10:18 AM Re: SNL 40th [Re: jayhawklouie]
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Max Falkenstien

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#1984601 - 02/17/15 01:44 PM Re: SNL 40th [Re: jayhawklouie]
Original AFH Gangsta

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Man wished I dvr ed it ....I am sure it is out there in interweb trons somewhere. Missed about half of it. Did see Akroyd's Bassomatic blender jammed when he stuck more fish in it. Surprised some tree huggers arent up in arms for him using a real fish in that bit.

Did Steve Martin and Akroyd do the Wild and Crazy Guy bit...if not they should have. And man I wanted Murphy to do a modern day Celebrity Hot Tub....could have had all the celebrity cast members get into a huge hot tube with Murphy in his best James Brown belting "Owwwwww making soup in the Celebrity Hot Tub."
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