Kind of an apples and oranges comparison, but...

- Bill Belichik felt his ONLY chance to win the Super Bowl was to gamble and not call a timeout in a moment that seemed doomesville for the Patriots. Yeah, he got extremely lucky. But in that moment of huge emotion and stress, he saw Seattle gripping a little bit. He knew, despite having one of the best QB's of all time, that it would be VERY improbable to expect Tom Brady to be able to take his team 50 yards in 30-odd seconds to tie a game, THEN to rest his hopes (mostly) on a 50/50 coin-flip for OT. I'm possibly giving Belichick too much credit, but I truly believe he quickly felt that, in that EXACT SITUATION, his best chance at winning....however small it was....was to see if Seattle would melt.

- Mike Jirschele (Royals 3rd base coach) had a similar moment in Game 7 of the World Series. Many, myself included, felt that in that EXACT SITUATION, the best chance...however small it was...was to see if San Francisco's shortstop or catcher would melt in an extremely high-pressure situation. Replays show that Gordon is likely out. But those watching felt, IN THE MOMENT, that San Francisco was gripping. Bumgarner was pitching better than any World Series pitcher ever. Sal Perez was swinging at any ball within 2 feet of the plate for most of the post-season. It FELT like rolling the dice on Gordon was KC's moment. We'll never know.

To give Pete Carroll credit, he made a great FEEL call with an amazing, aggressive decision to go for a TD with only 6 seconds left in the 1st half. If Seattle runs in a TD to win the game, we'd all be talking about that 1st half play call.