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#1968535 - 07/23/14 09:34 AM Gratuity
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Wilt Chamberlain

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So I was browsing a dictionary, as I am intellectually challenged according to most who post on this forum, and came across the word "gratuity." Gratuity was defined as, money or other property given freely, usually in return for some service or favor. How this word became acceptable as English language and whoever thought about the innovative business idea was extremely sharp!

Being a frugal person, I pondered what if I didn't want a free service of someone transporting food from a kitchen to my table after I placed an order. Could you ask the manager of the restaurant to opt out and what would he say, as "the customer is always rights," and everyone claims to have the best customer service with all the other cliches omitted right now. Fast food does not ask for gratuity nor do some restaurants, usually BBQ or Chinese.

I then viewed the word gratuitous that was defined as. (1) Done for free; given without expectation of payment. (2) Unjustified; done without good reason.

So, no I am wondering what various restaurants are have on their receipt as wording. Do receipts have gratuity or gratuitous.

For large parties when restaurants ass the gratuity tax automatically might be a bad thing, because it not only ruins the experience of paying for the large outing, I think it sets the low setting of the gratuity given and offsets the minds somehow.

I just double the sale tax for small parties, which is socially acceptable to me as I still think the waiters are overpaid for what they actually do.

I don't like the "Is everything fine questions." I just want the food and beverage to be brought over and my drink refilled without being ask when the glass is empty. No fake emotions just someone real.

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#1968548 - 07/23/14 12:13 PM Re: Gratuity [Re: Maximus]
Wilt Chamberlain

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I am never in a hurry when I go out for dinner. Almost always when I do go out for dinner it is for party like purposes. I am laid back so as long as my beer is full, I really don't care about much. I don't care so much how long it takes to get the food to the table. I don't care so much about the food as long as it is eatable. I always tip somewhere in the 20-25% range. It is easy to calculate.

#1968553 - 07/23/14 01:12 PM Re: Gratuity [Re: Maximus]
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Triple cheeseburger is going to clog your arteries, so you obviously don't care about tipping. You will be dead soon, so who cares!
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