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#19514 - 01/04/07 09:56 PM Self's presser
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I hope this can be considered worthy of being on this particular message board.

Head Coach Bill Self

On the starting line-up for the weekend:
"There won't be anything crazy. Russell Robinson has been dinged up, but he did practice today. I can't see anything right now unless something happens between now and then."

On what he hopes to see this weekend with a road game:
"This will be a good road test. We didn't play very well in our last road game and we still had a chance to win, as poorly as we finished. Hopefully, we'll perform a lot better in this game. We're looking forward to getting away. We have won at home even though we haven't been overly impressive in some of the outings, but to find your true worth as a team, you have to win away from home."

On developing a killer instinct mentality:
"We have talked about. We need to develop it. Each team is different. Last year's squad had that for the most part and this year's team hasn't quite got it yet. Last year's team at the same stage did not have it though. We're going to get there, but we're just not there yet. We need to understand that when you're up eight and you have the ball with momentum, that it is very important to have a great possession because the other team may crack. Instead, if you have an unforced error and they run-out for a lay-up, you lose all momentum. We still haven't figured all that stuff out, but we'll get there. It is a collective team effort. "

On South Carolina:
"They are not an overly thick team. They are similar to Rhode Island in a lot of aspects. They have very quick athletes. Tre' Kelley is a really good guard that gives everyone problems. Their big guys also shoot threes, similar to Rhode Island, and I thought we defended them well for a half and very poorly for a half. There are a lot of similarities there."

On whether the team has got what they had hoped for out of non-conference play:
"I think so. I think this next game will be the finishing touch with what we had hoped to accomplish with our non-conference schedule. Obviously, we still need to win on the road and this gives us an opportunity to win one before league play."

On the play of South Carolina's Tre' Kelley:
"I think he'll play despite whatever the case may be surrounding his ankle. I have watched him play from afar and he is a competitive guy. I can't imagine him staying out long unless he has to. It would be like trying to hold out one of our guys. All those guys want to be out there. It's also their last game before conference play and he's a senior so he won't want to miss any games."

On what he hopes to get from the team before the start of league play:
"I would say toughness, to play well and play for the entire 40 minutes."

On the development of Darrell Arthur:
"I don't think his recent play has anything to do with not starting. I think he has hit a little bit of a freshman `funk,' but he'll get out of it. He went through a period where he was 6-of-26 from the field and before that he was one of those guys that could hit 20-of-26. He'll be fine."

On his New Year's Resolutions as a coach:
"For me personally, with the team, I need to be more patient and more positive. I think those are two things I could do that would really help the team."

On Mario Chalmers' potential:
"He has the potential to be one of the better guards to play here in quite some time. I don't know what level it's going to end up at. I like all our guys to do as well individually as they can. There is a next step that you have to take to get mentioned as a possible All-American or a high draft pick. We have kids that have potential to take that next step, but we haven't taken it yet. That doesn't mean it can't happen, but at this juncture in their career, we need to let them mature and develop at the rate they need to develop at. Mario has a chance to be as good of a guard since I have been here. Kirk Hinrich was not an All-American. When you start talking about the top-five players in the nation, that is a pretty strong stance. Our guys could become that, but there is still another step that they have to take. The biggest thing that allows players to earn individual honors is for the team to be very good. The key is for our team to do very well, and for that to happen, our players need to score."

On Julian Wright's performance after being benched:
"He's fine. It was no big deal. I thought he reacted well. He scored the most points in a half by a Kansas player since Nick Collison, so I thought he reacted very well to it."

On what the team learned from the road loss at DePaul:
"We learned that we are not going to play well all the time. And even though we did not play well, we still were up eight with under four minutes to go. We learned we need to finish, get key stops, take care of the ball and execute on key possessions. To me, that is the biggest thing we have to get our guys doing away from home. We need to understand the importance of every possession and playing all 40 minutes. You usually don't catch the breaks that you do at home. There is a natural comfort zone that teams get playing at home that is not there when you play on the road."

On the upcoming schedule featuring several road games:
"The mindset needs to be the same at home and on the road. We may tweak the gameplan, but we want our mindset to be the same all the time. The thing I want our mindset to be is to not focus on the score. We don't need to study the score the first 35 minutes. There is a certain way we need to play and then in the last five minutes, you play to the situation of the game. Whether you're home or away, you should take that approach. The one thing I can say is that huddles are usually tighter on the road. There is a more of an `us against the word' mentality on the road. The locker room on the road after a win is far more fun than the locker room at home after a win. It means more because you have gone into someone's house and taken from them. "

On whether the Big 12 needs a Kansas victory:
"If you look at the RPI, our league is not as good. But how do you really get a realistic RPI right now, especially looking at the rankings of strength of schedule? There are so many things that go into the RPI. Our strength of schedule isn't very high, but we have played several teams that are picked near the top of their respective conferences. But some of those schools play hard schedules, lose games and that affects our RPI and makes us look bad. I think there is so much parity right now."

"Take a look at the Big 12. Look at where Missouri was picked in our league: 11th. They have had a very good non-conference season. Texas A&M, Kansas State and Oklahoma State have all had better non-conference seasons than was expected. Nebraska has been much better than everyone thought. I think our league is right about where we thought it would be, but a little bit stronger. "

On the lack of challenging games in the non-conference season:
"We never have a ton of challenging non-conference games. Two is probably the number. There is obvious reasons because of that, mainly the budget. It is hard to give up that kind of money to go and play a home-and-home series with somebody. And the teams we do have those series with are very good. You shouldn't have to apologize for that kind of non-conference schedule."
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