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#1951399 - 10/07/13 11:41 AM Re: Weis is not the answer. [Re: KUHawkhead]
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Proudly Derivative.

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Weis interferes with my enjoyment of KU football.
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#1951424 - 10/07/13 01:09 PM Re: Weis is not the answer. [Re: namohcan_99]
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Wilt Chamberlain

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I remember on one of our offensive sets that the WR that came in the game had to stop and ask Heaps where he should go....Talk about confusing. And Weis is talking about more changes for this Saturday. More changes=more confusion.
KU Coach Naismith invented the game so you get to play it.

#1951434 - 10/07/13 02:26 PM Re: Weis is not the answer. [Re: redrover]
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Originally Posted By: redrover racing is not necessarily comparable to everything in life...

Minimal cognitive abilities in conceptual recognition prove, if nothing else, de-funding education is a losing bet.
"Better to do less well than more poorly." Appy

#2023211 - 11/11/17 04:22 AM Re: Weis is not the answer. [Re: KUHawkhead]
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Wilt Chamberlain

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So, in bumping this post....are we worse now than then? I say yes.
It's MISSOURI. We don't lose to them at home-Bill Self-2/25/2012

#2023213 - 11/11/17 08:36 AM Re: Weis is not the answer. [Re: KUHawkhead]
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Leading up to a tough road game at Texas, I IMO believe the scooterman contributed to the mess we find ourselves in. But com'n, the current leaders of our program (talking Beaty Bowen Meachum) have to bring a sense of urgency to the field each week instead of ignoring the obvious correctible weaknesses. Addressing our recruiting issues today, we are not getting smarter (look at how many turndowns we get!) than the weak recruiting into Hawaii by Weis.
Culturally, we suck at all leadership phases by the staff trickling down to the captains of the players group. Then it erodes the confidence of the average talent players. True leaders lead, they don't learn leadership on the job (see Beaty).
AD Zenger is going to have to accept his role in this mess or be replaced sooner than later. We have a new chancellor so the winds of change are only a breeze now. But in Kansas, the winds are fierce and so too will we see that sweep away the leaderless HC and his selected staff. We don't know the timing but it will come (fans don't remain loyal after all to a HC who loses 60-0 basically week after weak). All we can hope for is a miracle today. Common sense will come later.
Kansas football will rise again (Coach Don Fambrough style, that is)!

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