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#1907376 - 05/07/13 01:24 PM Re: James Shields [Re: pwhittemore]
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Originally Posted By: pwhittemore
Originally Posted By: JFish26
Originally Posted By: pwhittemore
You need to establish a bullpen/closer.


So Royals just plan on playing their starting guys 9 innings a game? Find out who your guys are and when they should pitch. It's early--I like trying to solidify a closer.

Well, just with respect to yesterday...Shields was cruising. No reason to believe he wasn't the best option for the 9th.

But generally...the concept of a closer is the tail (the save stat) wagging the dog (the manager). There might be situations where the right guy for the 9th isn't Holland. Or where Holland is the right guy for a different situation. Shouldn't let the mechanics of the save stat dictate how you use your bullpen.
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#1907402 - 05/07/13 02:04 PM Re: James Shields [Re: Maximus]
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"You need to establish a closer" smacks of the push-button-managing approach Posnanski mentioned. I liken it to volleyball: bump, set, spike with little variation. Starter, setup, closer. Any four-year old could copy this mechanical approach. Recently we've occasionally been granted a small reprieve from bump-set-spike, but clearly not enough.

Ride the hot hand. It's that simple. If someone looks unhittable for an inning, don't be afraid to let them start another. Don't get carried away with trying to finesse matchups. Sometimes it feels like Yost's bullpen approach is: "If you won't fail, I'll find someone who will."

If you have Mariano Rivera in his prime, sure, you can become more mechanical in your approach. There's a competitive psychological advantage there. When you have the reverse (as the Royals amazingly do this most of this season), you leave your hot hand (usually the starter) in there until he loses it or you're beginning to risk injury. In most cases, the opposing hitters are RELIEVED when Shields, Santana or Guthrie depart. Don't give them that psychological advantage until you HAVE to.

#1907796 - 05/08/13 11:47 AM Re: James Shields [Re: Maximus]
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Shields getting a little Yahoo Sports love. Writer admits to not being the only one to be critical about Shields as a pitcher and the trade that bought him to KC.

Maybe Shields won't continue pitching lights out for the whole year, but as KC Royals fans we are entitled to enjoy this while in the moment as it "hasn't past" like Crash Davis from Bull Durham.]
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