Same as previous years..

Ground Rules:
- Lowest Score after season will be the "winner." There may be a prize aside from bragging rights.

- There will be 2 seasons - pre-season and normal season. Big XII and NCAA's will be part of "normal season".

- Predictions must be made BEFORE the start of the game. The prediction threads will be locked at the start of each game.

- Hint - KUsports.com allows 10 hours to change your scores. If you think you will change it, don't enter your score until 9 hours before game time!.

- (1) prediction per member. If there is more than one post, you will be awarded the higher of the scores.

- NO excess commentary in the prediction. This is to make it simple to record scores.

KU -
Opponent -

This allows easy entry into the spreadsheet. If I have to read about how the sheep affect the score or other nonsense, your score just might get ignored

We will use the same point system as prior years.

The points you receive will be based on two factors: margin of victory and actual score.

Margin of victory is weighted twice as much as the actual score. Absolute value of the difference is used.

Low points are desired.

Predicted score:
Kansas - 80
Memphis - 67

Kansas - 75
Memphis - 68

Margin of victory:
Predicted (80-67) = 13
Actual (75-68) = 7

Points = (13-7)*2 = 12

Actual Score:
KU (80-75) = 5
Memphis (68-67) = 1

Again absolute value of the numbers are used so no negatives!

Total Score:
12 + 5 + 1 = 18

I know it sounds complicated, but its all programed in the excel spreadsheets.

- If you incorrectly choose the winner of the game you will receive a score of 100.

- You will receive a score of -50 points for guessing the EXACT score for each team. Remember, low score = good.

- If you do not guess a score for a game, you will receive a penalty of 200 points.

Sorry this took so long to get put up. Anyways, if enough people participate, I may just put a prize out for the winner.