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#17707 - 01/02/07 09:29 AM 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice
JHWKNY Offline
Baby Jay

Registered: 12/28/06
Hello all.

I'm new to the board, and was hoping that some of you might be able to help me out.

I'll be making my first trip to Kansas for the Texas game on Saturday, March 3rd. Outstanding Christmas present from my wife. Anyhow, the Friday night before is my birthday and I'm interested in celebrating out on the town.
Having never been to Lawrence, I have no idea where to go.

Any recommendations for some bars that I should hit would be greatly appreciated. Also, any other things that you think I should do while in town for a couple days...things that would add to the whole experience...please pass them along.

Thanks in advance!


#17708 - 01/02/07 09:55 AM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: JHWKNY]
jayhawk96 Offline
Baby Jay

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Loc: Denver
Hey there. Sounds like a fun first trip to Kansas!

I don't make it back often, but when I do, I have to hit my favorite spots(I'm sure other posters will have their favorites as well):

Quinton's has great sandwiches

Free State Brewing Co. for good beer and atmosphere

Both are located on the north end of Mass. Street.
I'd suggest making a trip up and down Mass Street. It's the heart of Lawrence (well, aside from AFH, ha ha).

Assuming the weather cooperates, I'd also suggest a walk along Jayhawk Blvd on campus.

Hope you have a great time.
"kansas is the favorite, once more, perhaps evermore" -TimmyKitty

#17709 - 01/02/07 02:50 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: jayhawk96]
DenverJHawk Offline
Phog Fanatic

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What a gift from your wife! Now here is mine. Make sure you vosit each of these in no particular order.
Pi Phi House
Gamma Phi House
Kappa is always reliable
the Wheel b/c its the wheel
Pizza shuttle at 2am
and last but not least, make sure you tap one of those hot coeds before you leave. Oops This is the last suggestion. Make sure you drive the campus and Naismith drive
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#17710 - 01/02/07 02:50 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: jayhawk96]
mushhawk Offline
Junior Jayhawk

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Loc: State, Country
welcome to the boards jhwkny!
yeah, you'll love lawrence. quinton's and freestate would be my 1st stops too. at quinton's: get the T.A.C. 1/2 sandwich combo, with bacon and salsa added. get the bowl of potato/bacon soup and the jalapeno chips with it. take a walk downtown after dinner as well.
from 6th to 11th on massachussetts is a nice walk. there are a lot of cool shops/restaurants downtown.
stop in the jayhawker bar at the eldridge hotel and have a drink. the hotel was burnt down in quantril's raid and rebuilt. it was also renovated 2 years ago. it's on 7th and mass. tellers is a cool place for a drink it's a restaurant/bar. it used to be a bank. the restrooms are actually the old vaults.
james naismith is buried in lawrence. that's a cool stop for any bball fan. from downtown, go south on mass street to 19th. go east on 19th, past haskell street. keep going until you see a cemetery on your right. it's right before you hit harper street. there's a big memorial for naismith. i think phog allen is burried at the cemetery across the street to the north.
if you're bored during the day, go see a movie at liberty hall downtown on 7th and mass.
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#17711 - 01/02/07 02:55 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: JHWKNY]
Kirk Offline
US Marshal, Kansas Territory

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Loc: Austin
A Texan will appreciate the local variations on lowdown, dirty Mexican food available in North Lawrence -- if El Matador is still there, and La Tropicana. On N. Locust, I believe.

It's been years. But El Matador was always my favorite eatery in town.

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#17712 - 01/02/07 03:02 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: JHWKNY]
neilster Offline
John Brown

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Loc: Overland Park KS
Everybody always says go to Free State. If you do, buy one of their standard T-shirts... you will be recognized by KU fans wherever you go in the county, or out of the country.

That having been said, while I think their shirts are iconic, I've said before that their food isn't all that amazing. (Now a bunch of people will attack me for saying that, but it's just my opinion.)

Have fun!

#17713 - 01/02/07 03:05 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: neilster]
chiknbut Offline
Bowl Cut Boy

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Loc: JRP lunchroom

True, the food isn't the absolute best, but for a brewery, it's pretty darn good food. The two don't always go hand in hand. The beers are outstanding.

And as always, it's a treat to check out the Jayhawk Motel. I'm not saying you want to stay there, but it's always a treat to check it out. I hear they have color TVs now!
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#17714 - 01/02/07 03:08 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: mushhawk]
Morgansraider Offline

Registered: 02/24/05
Free State Brewery is an essential, particularly if you're of post-grad age. You're not going to see coeds peeing in the men's room sink here (see the Wheel for that), but you will get a good feel for Lawrence as a community....and the beer is fantastic. Try going on Monday night or stopping in after a game. This place is truly in the heart of Lawrence, and not just geographically.

I'd concur with the Liberty Hall recommendation. A great place to spend a couple of hours, if you like art house films (which I do).

Spend plenty of time on Mass Streets in the shops. Walk as much as you can. Walking a new city gives you a better feel for the pulse of the town. If you feel up to it, walk up the hill to campus and spend some time up there.

Stay away from places the locals don't eat in. We have our reasons. Unwitting tourists keep places like Buffalo Bob's open. If you really want barbecue, go to Kansas City or try Vermont Street downtown. I cannot emphasize this enough. No one from Lawrence eats at Buffalo Bob's.....and yet every time I meet someone who is new to town they ask me directions to Buffalo Bob's. WHY?

BTW, the cemeteries aren't on 19th. Those directions will take you to the fairgrounds and the Humane Society. I think it's 15th out of town that takes you by the cemeteries.

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#17715 - 01/02/07 03:09 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: JHWKNY]
Wilt Chamberlain

Registered: 08/29/02
Loc: Port Huron MI
You should spend some time walking around campus. The football stadium, the Camponile, the bookstore, see if you can get inside AFH.

The Bottleneck is great for live music. Johnny's is a burger and beer joint that I have always dug.

#17716 - 01/02/07 03:10 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: chiknbut]
kuking123 Offline
Multiple Gutter

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Just remember kiddies - This man is from New York not Baghdad. The best suggestion is for him to walk around campus and enjoy it's beauty. Go to a "college" bar and take in the atmosphere. Then go to the Mecca for College Basketball and enjoy the game.
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#17717 - 01/02/07 04:26 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: kuking123]
N00b Offline
Big Dipper

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Grab a couple of 40s and drive down 15th st. Wave to Naismiths grave as you drive by and go about another 3 or 4 miles. Shortly after the road turns to gravel stop and enjoy the nice "country scenery"

#17718 - 01/02/07 06:27 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: JHWKNY]
SFBayhawk Offline
Max Falkenstien

Registered: 08/30/02
So why do you call yourself a Jayhawk, and you've never been to Lawrence?

You're confused.

But there are lots of those around here.
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#17719 - 01/02/07 06:35 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: SFBayhawk]
imzcount Offline
Max Falkenstien

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Loc: az
I wuz wondering the same thing???

#17720 - 01/02/07 06:40 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: imzcount]
tubby Offline

Registered: 11/28/06
Loc: outside the box
apparently you can only be a fan of those things that you own or have experienced personally now? what does it really mean to be a "Jayhawk", you two? I wouldn't think being born in Kansas or even in Lawrence bequeaths that distinction? I mean, it doesn't say "Jayhawk" on my birth certificate. Attending school on the Hill? Well, I guess you could make that argument, but are you really a "Jayhawk" by grace of a tuition bill? Not so sure.

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#17721 - 01/02/07 06:54 PM Re: 1st trip to lawrence, need some advice [Re: tubby]
Morgansraider Offline

Registered: 02/24/05
Really. Don't be a butthole, SFB. As that Jewish guy I don't usually agree with once said, "he that is not against us, is with us"...or something like that.

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