Just aired on Metro Sports. I'll try to do as well as jensen does--

Girls trying very hard to make a statement.

Need to do a better job of answering other teams' runs.

Not getting enough high percentage shots because we don't work well getting in position away from the ball.

Young, learning, the kids are in transition. Not aggressive and confident enough. Not where we need to be in rebuilding the program because of the lack of confidence.

Need to develop a "grind it out mentality" on defense to win games when we don't shoot well (and we haven't been shooting well). Too many long stretches without scoring and that makes it harder to get stops on defensive end when we need them.

Short interview with forward Jamie Boyd. ("The nicest kid of all the nicest kids I've ever coached.")

Kelly Kohn is Big 12 Rookie of the Week.

Repeat--Confidence. Consistency. Tough to develop with so many young kids. Hinted maybe we need a little more leadership from Catic, etc.

Two more non-confernce games, then open conference with Iowa State and Baylor. "Ready or not, it's here."

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