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#147857 - 06/19/07 04:07 PM Re: 61 or 73? [Re: larryb]
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How many lights out black pitchers did Oh play against?
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#147858 - 06/19/07 04:26 PM Re: 61 or 73? [Re: jammahawk]
larryb Offline

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LOL! He went up against a bunch of Dice K Matsuzaka's.
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#147859 - 06/19/07 04:39 PM Re: 61 or 73? [Re: JHAWX75]
jaihaux Offline
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Tell me then, what lights-out black pitchers did Maris face in '61?

I didn't say black pitchers. I said black players.

Right, and we are talking home runs not trying to steal second base on Josh Gibson.

What would a black position player other than a pitcher have to do with Ruth and his home runs?

The point was that the game Maris played in was different than Ruth's. Different, probably more difficult. But bottom line is a season's a season.

How come nobody complained during Ichiro's run at George Sisler? Or George Brett/Tony Gwynn going after .400?
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#147860 - 06/19/07 05:28 PM Re: 61 or 73? [Re: jaihaux]
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I'm definitly not complaining. In fact I have a Yankee shrine that is dedicated to Maris and his 61 yards.
My point was isolated soley on games played and how Maris had a few extra games than Ruth. That's all.

Going after a batting title is way different than chasing a HR title. Once you get to, say, 59 home runs you can't go backwards. The next number will be 60, then 61. But, you can be .398 in the first inning of game 160 and either take a dive further or rise ahead of .400 by 161 and 162. Ted Williams could of sat the last day to protect his .406 avg. but decided to play.
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