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#1442148 - 03/27/11 10:02 PM If I were a KSU or MU fan I'd be embarrassed...
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...that VCU and Butler have better basketball programs than my school. I'd also be embarrassed to actually wear a KSU or MU shirt and would also choose to buy shirts of teams that beat the team that I'd obsess over 24/7 since KU only loses 3 or 4 times a year. I'd also plan my entire weekends around watching the Jayhawks hoping that they lose so I could immediately run over to their message boards and talk "internet smack". Nevermind that my team is a laughingstock and has never sniffed a National Title, let alone won multiple numbers of them. If a was a KSU or MU internet troll, I'd be bitter with a giant inferiority complex and wouldn't have much friends or family. I'd live alone and be angry as hell all the time because of the "gayhawks" and those "thug" twins. I'd break countless remotes watching the Jayhawks make countless Final Four runs and win the Big 12 every year while my team was either NIT bound or just sneaking into the tourney and never seriously threatening to win it all.

Congrats KSU and MU fans on your "Super Bowl/World Series/Final Four" win today. You are sad pathetic people. You're happy as hell right now, but not because your team won. Your team's season ended a long time ago. You're happy because the team whose program casts a giant shadow over yours and consumes your life lost today. Live it up. Its almost been three whole years since KU's last National Championship. Wear those new VCU shirts proudly fellas.

#1442149 - 03/27/11 10:18 PM Re: If I were a KSU or MU fan I'd be embarrassed... [Re: BigDipper05]
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"If I were a KSU or MU fan I'd be embarrassed..."

/end thread.