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#1356 - 04/02/04 08:37 AM Re: Wah wah wah, I hate Duke, wah wah wah ***** [Re: Richardhead]
yomang Offline
Crimson & Blue Blood

Registered: 04/15/03
I think that it is time to recycle a post that was written by one of the most respected and most well liked former posters on this board, Copperhead. Frankly it hits the nail on the head regarding this situation.

In reply to:

For at least the better part of a year you've worn the various hats of attack dog, prankster, moderator harasser and sadistic bully - especially to posters of lesser intellect.
You've posted the private address & phone number of someone completely unrelated to this board and more or less made participation here singularly unpleasant.
You make sport of my post number and some sort of imagined sycophantic following I've amassed. If you'd stayed with one screen name longer than a day, I figure you'd be in the thousands as well - and have as many enemies as I've made friends. No secret formula - I'm a nice guy and you are not.
Now, inexplicably, you're adopting the persona of nice guy basketball expert who just wants to exchange opinions with the peanut gallery. Knowing you as long as I have, all I can think of is - OK, here's the bait, when do we get the switch?
I suppose thanks are in order for running most of the regulars off to a private board - someplace far less stressful than one which tolerates the daily nonsense you've provided here.
With everything you've been responsible for over all these months, the fact that you can't understand why the moderators pick on you is beyond delusional.
One thing for sure - you've finally found a screen name that's truth in advertizing. I hope you wear it for a long time to let people know exactly what they're getting.


I thought perhaps that you could behave Richardhead, but I have grown sick of you continually demeaning others on this board.

#1357 - 04/02/04 09:09 AM Re: Wah wah wah, I hate Duke, wah wah wah [Re: yomang]
Richardhead Offline
Phog Fanatic

Registered: 03/13/04
Pay attention newcomers: don't follow the lead of the mods.

And are a loser. Band together when you have a hard time dealing with me one-on-one. If you can't stand the heat, getcha ass out the kitchen!

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