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#1252754 - 09/01/10 06:45 PM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: larryb2]
sensei Offline
[censored] you

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I often fart out of my mouth.


Usually ends up on your keyboard too.
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#1252755 - 09/01/10 07:25 PM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: sensei]
larryb2 Offline
Am I Wrong?

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True! I love you Sensei!
Please know there is a HUGE difference between disagreeing with someone and disrespecting someone.

#1252756 - 09/01/10 07:28 PM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: larryb2]
theno1kufan Offline
Baby Jay

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#1252757 - 09/01/10 09:58 PM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: theno1kufan]
jhawks99 Offline
Max Falkenstien

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Constantly remind her of your MBA
Defense. Rebounds.

#1252758 - 09/02/10 12:41 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: jhawks99]
JHawkJR Offline
Big Dipper

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there's a few good ones here...
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#1252759 - 09/02/10 03:45 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: JHawkJR]
stumptownhawk Offline
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You could call her on your cell, tell her your getting a weak signal. Keep hanging up, say you lost the call. Blame it on the elevator.

Repeatedly tell her "your cutting out, could you say that again please."

Make sure to use a crappy wireless mike that makes everything sound like your on a speakerphone.

#1252760 - 09/02/10 06:57 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: theno1kufan]
jayhawklaw Offline
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Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?

#1252761 - 09/02/10 07:44 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: jayhawklaw]
minhin Offline
Uh Oh

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Laughing at this whole thing.
"It isn't how fast a horse runs, it's how a horse runs fast" Appy

#1252762 - 09/02/10 08:30 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: minhin]
Jayhawksfan942 Offline
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Have any of you ever tried the stapler in jello trick? I think that would be hilarious to see/do
Pick up your F*n skateboard!

#1252763 - 09/02/10 08:46 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: Jayhawksfan942]
hiker Offline
Baby Jay

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I once got a co-worker to quit their job after I put a dead goose in their van. I felt bad, considering it was my summer job and he'd been there for 20+ years. He was unhappy, so I probably did him a favor.

You could try to make peace by bringing her some coffee. As you set it down, say, "I hope you like cream" and give her a wink.

#1252764 - 09/02/10 09:20 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: hiker]
jayheel Offline
Under New Management

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This reminds me of you, painter...
It's shame because hating on the Jayhawks means you hate the United States of America.

#1252765 - 09/02/10 09:54 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: jayheel]
appyhawk Offline
Wilt Chamberlain

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Painter, I don't understand the tactic to try to make things better by doing things to make them worse.
If you have a problem with her, why not explain to her what the problem is and why that problem is an impediment to your progress? Surely she would respond favorably to that...
"Better to do less well than more poorly." Appy

#1252766 - 09/02/10 10:12 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: appyhawk]
ku_painter Offline
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I read where you guys are coming from with your advice, but none of these suggestions will work. B is actually an internal client. We are technically on the same team. We are supposed to work together as a team She doesn't work like this. All of these reasons are why I have resorted to idiotic acts of random annoyance. No way I want to actually talk to her all face to face and stuff.
I listen to crappy indie music.

#1252767 - 09/02/10 11:11 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: ku_painter]
RManFlint Offline
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Come on gutter, this is serious business. How you gonna pull off farting on (into) the phone unless you physically hold the phone up to your ass. This is assume of course that you do not have some weird talent you have not told us about ?

Ask her if you can hold while you go empty your colostomy bag. Or maybe put her on speaker?
No time for the old in/out. Just here to check the meter.

#1252768 - 09/02/10 11:54 AM Re: office tactics ...I need suggestions [Re: Geezer]
mushhawk Offline
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Get the project finished as soon as you can and move on.

Surprisingly, I'm with Geezer on this one.
Much better than passive agressive 3rd grade tactics.
"Sixty Percent of the time, works every time!"

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