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#1165064 - 03/22/10 11:06 AM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell **** [Re: manofleisure]
Derek98z Offline
Baby Jay

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I just don't think any team on that side of the bracket will challenge UK. They are a great team and everybody keeps thinking they will lose based on youth. Cal is a good coach and they should make the FF.

#1165065 - 03/22/10 11:33 AM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: manofleisure]
Hawks_And_Cats Offline
Suck it, Geezer

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I stop watching the tourney when ku loses. I could care less what happens after we're out. I'm a ku fan not a college basketball fan.

#1165066 - 03/22/10 05:11 PM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: Hawks_And_Cats]
Vega Offline
Pure Jayhawk

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Just saw on Phog that Cuse is about an hour away from Cornell's campus. Could be a raucous crowd for UK to play in. Sounds like from UK board that they think they will destroy Cornell. I'm excited about this game.

#1165067 - 03/22/10 05:15 PM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: Vega]
jayhawk1996 Offline
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Just saw on Phog that Cuse is about an hour away from Cornell's campus. Could be a raucous crowd for UK to play in.

And Houston is a short drive from Waco. Looking forward to lots of Bear fans there, especially if they face Duke on Sunday.
Then again, Cornell and Baylor aren't exactly hoops powerhouses with thousands of rabid fans.

#1165068 - 03/22/10 05:16 PM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: jayhawk1996]
Vega Offline
Pure Jayhawk

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Yeah, neither is ND St, and they brought the house. Same with Davidson.

Cornell has like 20k students, not like they are a small school.

#1165069 - 03/22/10 05:26 PM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: manofleisure]
lobster Offline
Feel the pinch?

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Cornell will give them a real challenge. I still don't expect them to win, but I won't be surprised if they do pull it off.
Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are

#1165070 - 03/22/10 05:49 PM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: CataClysmic]
faithful1 Offline
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Hello Everyone, I am new to your board but would like to address a few of your topics. I am a die-hard KY fan with one exception, I AM REALISTIC. First and foremost I do applaud your passion for your Jayhawks, you love them as I love my Wildcats, but not all of "us" Cat fans are ugly in the way that some fans represent. I will say that I am sorry you guys got beat, I really wanted a final game showdown with what I myself thought was the best team in college hoops, but hey, it happens. That being said, I DON'T think that KY is going to win the title this year, there are just too many things that they don't do well enough (defend the 3) when it matters to say that they are a 'lock' to win this thing. Now, lets address all the stuff about Coach Calipari. I just don't really know about this guy. Cal has NEVER been lets say "convicted" but he has been accused, and that always leaves a bit of doubt in a persons mind, "doesn't pass the smell test" as my Grandmother would say, my gut says that he is clean, why do wrong when so many eyes are watching, and they ARE watching, waiting. If we get to the Final Four, it will be a small miracle, we play to the level of our competition on many nights and you never really know which team will show up. All that being said, please try to remember that I come in peace, only trying to let people know that not all KY fans are unrealistic, I LOVE my Cats, and will root for them till the end but. . .

Well, I'm still hurting a bit from our loss so your peaceful post helps put things in perspective. It really amazes me, at times, to think how much everybody has riding on the tournement games and minimizes the regular season. We all know "it's all about the matchups" so that one chance game seems to overshadow everything else. I wasn't sure KU would win it all but I never thought UNI would be our downfall. Didn't see that one coming! UK should, but probably won't, be thinking about that when they face Cornell. I had Cornell beating UK in my brackets but if they don't, they will scare the hell out of your team. Cornell is playing with house money. Combine that with their poise and confidence it can be a lethal combination.

About Calipari - I don't think he so much has crooked intent in mind but more like he flirts with the very limits of legality and has a personality for risk that makes him a dangerous coach. He looks the other way on borderline issues so he may not be trying to do something shady on purpose but he is not trying to NOT DO IT either. Sort of like "Oh well, I didn't mean for that to happen, it was a mistake!" Plausible deniabilty.

I'm realistic too. UK has good athletes and it clear they are a cut above most. As is said many times, that doesn't mean the best team wins. KU beat themselves. It was a head thing IMO. UK is just as capable of that as well. Boy, is March Madness exciting! I sure hope expansion doesn't ruin that.

#1165071 - 03/22/10 05:57 PM Re: Kentucky vs. Cornell [Re: faithful1]
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Max Falkenstien

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Cornell is another woefully underseeded team that has no fear. None. Great shooters. Great defense. A supremely talented 7-footer. Good luck. Cornell is also a New York team. Hint: They are being pimped by the NY Times and the national media.

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