to KU men's bball team!!
unlike others who have too high of expectation, i'm not surprised with the upset (not that i don't want KU to win it all).
this year's team is not as superior as '08, but still, it's fun to watch KU team gave fight game after game. it's fun to watch players improve from last year, it's fun to watch Cole's racking up those block stats per season, lots of other achievement.
i am a KU basketball fan, and i'm proud of KU basketball team.
win or loose!
next year will be another excitement. i can't wait to see Royce wearing KU jersey, can't wait to see Withey (& Cole) in the same court, can't wait to watch: EJ's 360°, X's never misses treys, the twins dunkin all over everyone..
another year, another hope.

here's to a good '09-'10 season and let this year's be a valuable lesson for brigher next year!!

to all who call themselves KU basketball fans but keep bitchin' at the team or coaching staff, go get yourself a fvckin basketball and tell the staff you want to show them how to win an NCAA trophy!!!
if you really have guts.... not just a bunch of fvckin pusillanimous whiners..

i'm outta here and ready for a pick-up game. who wanna get their asses kicked?