While I wanted nothing more than to let the wig drag, I guess time had come. At 7:30 am the wig got split. Now i'm Brittney Shears but with balls. Sinead O'Conner but with testosterone. Sinead O' Shears I guess. It had been since the A&M loss that the concrete wig was born. It lived for over a month, formed character and grew to be a fine young wig but, in the end, had to face every wigz grim reaper, the shears! This wig was like no other though. It reminded me everyday that something special was happening. Everytime I looked in the mirror I would put a lid on or use a pile of gel. I knew the chia stood for something. It served a purpose. Nobody understood at first the special bond between me and my wig. But as time went by and losses never came everyone begun to understand that it was something special. But like the line in GnR'z November Rain, "nothing lasts forever". Rock on 'Hawks. And here's to the future lil' wigz that will soon be born in November!
it takes a nation of millions to hold us back