Here are a few of my suggestions for nicknames that include both KSU and Mizzou's head coaches.. What are yours? Lets try to keep them in the ballpark of civil shall we. <img src="" alt="" />

The prince and the pauper
Pinkie and the brain.
Pink and stink...
P&P music factory
Ace and Gary- Hint: its an SNL the math
G(ary)N'R(on).nevermind,i actually kinda like guns n' roses
Ebony and the Stevie Wonder song.. another music reference
Gary Prince and Ron Pinkel-attorneys at law. Well they sound less like coaches this way

If anyone is offended its not intentional..Just trying to have some fun/keep things light and if you are then send your correspondence to Brando..He's alot bigger/intimidating than i am and will probably stare you down.

Smell ya later!!!

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man" -Dr.Gonzo