Bonnie at Halftime
during KU's Men's BB game vs Pitt State
Just in case anyone missed it. Bonnie was interviewed by Dave "Wow" Armstrong as a halftime guest.

The quality of the players that we have been able to recruit, and the development of the players within our program has us very excited and we're ready to tip it up for real now.

(The WNIT run) will help us be able to play through a stretch into April where it's survive and advance. To have big wins down the stretch over at Oklohoma State and then down in New Mexico, in the quarterfinals of the WNIT I think has made our team tougher. We can reference back to that. Playing in front of a great crowd here and our crowd in our exhibition games have been great. We've been over 4000 twice. I think we've been able to make the most of that situation last year, and then build off it this year.

Danielle is our lead player. Certainly an All American. She's done a great job of growing her game. Great catch and shoot. Great off the dribble. Tough to guard in the paint. We post her up quite a bit and get her some easy looks inside. Krysten Boogaard has been good inside and has run the floor well. We kinda talk about Danielle and Sade being Batman and Robin so to speak on the wing together. What has changed our style the most is getting Angel Goodrich healthy at the point guard position. We've scored more in transition in two games than we probably would have done in six or eight games last year. It's just higher percentage shots for our athletes who can run and get out. I think if you watch us right now, that's where we are different.

Aishah Sutherland has been able to start this year where she finished last year. That's a kid who persevered, and hung with it, and didn't play much early last year. Really not at all in the early part of our season into November and December. She made a commitment to compete. She's tremendously athletic. Kinda hangs around the rim little bit, not like the men do, but she's tremendously athletic. Very very skilled. She's earned a starting spot and has really made the most of her opportunity.

It's a WHOLE LOT EASIER to transcribe Bonnie's speedtalking when I can pause the DVR and rewind it as necessary. The lady could recite Proust in 15 seconds.
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