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Sad - 09/11/19 08:42 PM

State of affairs on this forum...staunch plowbilly Midwestern folk and nobody paying servitude to those lost on 9-11. I served ..I got US submarines prepared to go to sea that day working for Lockheed Martin. Yeah you hicks watched from afar with no worries. I should disown the lot of you...some say the Midwest plowbillies are the most patriotic...thats easy to do from the comfort of your grain silos...I am embarrassed that I had to be the first poster paying tribute to 9-11 victims and heroes. Shame on the rest of you
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Re: Sad - 09/11/19 08:49 PM

On a sidenote the crimson crappy posters made no mention of respect for the 9-11 victims and heroes either...Midwest scared homers that never venture out are a strange breed....I moved back 7 yrs ago and I don't care much for the locals...very high school cliquish and not friendly like you think they should be...about ready to move...
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Re: Sad - 09/11/19 08:53 PM

Johnson County is the most unjustifiably snobby part of the entire country. They seem to forget that they live in Kansas.
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Re: Sad - 09/11/19 09:19 PM

You got that sheeat right...I know you use to live here because you are Morgan's Raider of the yesteryear. You hated it still hate warned me to not move back...the only way it works is if you had a lot of middle school buddies you still wanted to hang out to confirm but I know its you.
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Re: Sad - 09/14/19 07:40 PM

Is morgans old gf still around?
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Re: Sad - 09/15/19 09:50 AM

Nah...she probably died from some STD by now...she was quite fetching errrr felching...