Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Snoweggedon - 11/25/18 03:53 PM

Man that stuff has been coming down hard for about 4 hrs now...3 hours to go. I am betting I will lose power later...flickered a couple times already. Got plenty of comforters if it does and several mobile devices with unlimited data...I am good.
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Re: Snoweggedon - 11/25/18 09:36 PM

Lol...about 3 different vehicles got stuck in my apt. parking lot and people just left them..
Posted by: JimWest

Re: Snoweggedon - 11/25/18 10:42 PM

Originally Posted By: PHOGUSHER
Lol...about 3 different vehicles

Is 3 such a big number that it requires an estimate from you?
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Re: Snoweggedon - 11/25/18 11:25 PM

Yes...Ise a country hick...3 is about my counting limit..