New Jayhawk band member

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New Jayhawk band member - 11/15/17 10:56 AM

So last night I get a text from my daughter in Chicago, she is traveling with the band for the KU vs UK game. It's a photo of a guy in the crowd wearing a KU hat. Look she says, it's Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers. The next text I get from her is that he is going to play drums with the band during halftime. How did that come about I ask? She tells me she went over and asked him to play and he said, hell yeah. So next text I get is a video right after halftime of Chad Smith playing "Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire" with the KU band. Chad Smith joins the KU band
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Re: New Jayhawk band member - 11/15/17 11:10 AM

They have Trashley Judd and we have Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith!!
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Here's another video of it from the Chili Peppers' youtube account--